Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer rains!

This has been how the skies look all week , and more days like these to come, it has meant lots of playing in the rain for the kids, the air is nice and cool , better than horrible extreme heat , with all the rain we are getting the grass is wonderfully green , that's a plus, it has not been nice enough to cut it so it is crazy long ....
These are the dog days of summer, with a house FULL of kids the days are LONG and messes are CONSTANT we are not able to get out during the days as I do not own a bus ,good news though luckily I have a four day weekend coming up unexpectantly , yipee, I need it , I suppose that means more rain.
Feeling like a maid and cook these days I know there are many other women out there feeling this way too, give me a shout out to that , I am feeling alone in the world these days. I wish I could get in a get away .
When is school back in....?


Paul Pincus said...

terrific weblog.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven I am not the only one feeling this way. (I'm Sarah's sister...Jay's wife?) The summer has been going fast but for some reason today I feel like Cinderella with a gaggle of kiddies! Lots of messes - big kids who have had enough of each other and little ones who need their space back! Can't wait for the weather to change so we can get back outside. I love your blog..keeps me sane most days. Even inspires me to pick up a paint brush and can of paint here and there. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Boy can I relate to your situation. I have kids at home and then their friends come over so the house always seems noisy and cluttered. My 7 yr old thinks that our kitchen table is now his permanent lego table so every night we have to clear it so we can eat dinner together! It's hot outside (live in Georgia) and humid so there are many trips in and out with water and popsicles etc. School starts back in a couple of weeks, and as I normally cherish my quiet time after the kids are back in school, I find that I sometimes miss their presence because I've gotten used to it somehow. So, yes I can relate to being a maid and cook to everyone and feeling like time for me will have to wait a few weeks.
You're not alone. By the way, did I mention that I also have a boston terrier just like yours? He injured his eye this summer but it's on the mend after MANY vet appts. and surgery. Be careful since his eyes jut out. They are very prone to eye problems.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Be thankful your home is the place to hang.
The quiet comes too soon.

Anonymous said...

I can remember when the kids were younger feeling like life was a constant rotating whirl of messes. My kids are older now and 2 have been gone all summer so life is actually quiet for me. This has been my opportunity to do what you usually do - paint and do house projects - yahoo. I have to say I really appreciate your skill with putting up crown molding, now that we have tried to do some. We had to put some trim along the top of a built-in bookcase and it took my hubby and myself 15 cuts to get two correct angles - yikes.

Anyway I hope you don't feel so alone and can enjoy the rest of the summer. The weather has been crazy rainy. Toronto broke the record for the most rain since 1980 and July isn't over yet.


Kim said...

I so feel your pain - I can't leave the house unless I have another adult with me to help OR the other adult stays at home with the kids!!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Its the first week of school holidays here in the UK and already I'm strugging with what to do with my boys, trying to please ages 5, 7 and 9 is so much harder this year as my oldest has decided everything he used to enjoy is now booooring! Is it possiable to have a 13 year old in a 9 years olds the weather has been hot so far (apart from today). Still its nice to have them around and not have to rush in the mornings.....Claire x

my hungry boys said...

I so know days like that! kids are hard work, aren't they? I just remind myself that they will be gone all too soon. Doesn't always help me feel better, though. :-)

May I ask where you found your gorgeous black sconces with the crystals in your living room? I would be a much happier mommy if I owned those. I am in LOVE with them! I MUST get them! :-) I am in the U.S. so if you found them in Canada I hope I can order them online.

Thanks! Love your site.


***LARISSA*** said...

I'm a fairly new reader, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog... And I'm with you girl, I am so ready for school to start! (but I'm sure I'll be cursing the morning routine of getting my kids out the door in no time flat...LOL)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Chris, about feeling like all you do is Cook and be the Maid! But your house looks so nice. I love that you share so much of yourself, your family and your home with us.

Take Care.
Rhonda from Minnesota