Saturday, August 30, 2008

So far so good.

I have made good progress and am now out of wood , which is good because if I had more I wouldn't stop but I need a break , I will continue on in the next week. I got up almost 13 rows yippy , all while catching up on my HGTV programs , well listening to them, I think this will be my favorite detail in the house, I have always love beadboard ceilings.
So what have I learned , it is going to look great , the only hard part was cutting down one board on the left side of the room because the room is not square , and cutting the hole out for the pot light , but that is all done now and it should be smooth sailing from here .

After getting up late and starting slow I began the prep work for the ceiling , it does require many steps although easy , I assure you . After scrapping the pop corn texture off many months ago and waiting to get started I today needed to thoroughly vacuum the ceiling to clean off any of the remaining dust so that the adhesive could stick to the ceiling. After applying two coats of shellac based primer to the boards I started to install them , and finding my nail gun in need of charging it has in turn been slow , I am hoping to get a quarter completed today and go on to get 3-6 more packages of wood and get them started as well. 48 hours to wait for the wood to acclimatize and prime then install. So here Saturday at 2:40 this is where things stand right now there's no going back now .

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