Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mixing things up .

I have always been open to move things around, things like accessories , I don't like spaces to be stagnant I would get very bored or want to move too often, of course I like to re-decorate , new colours fabrics pillows , but there is another quick fix I can get, like in the first photo , moving this lantern which was outside inside , what a perfect spot , I couldn't not imagine packing it up for the winter months and not enjoying it , thinking outside the box .
Second was this brown chair , it was bought for our bedroom , but after a while of it not being used it moved to the living room, and was used daily, by the way this textured velvet wears wonderfully , never shows a speck of dirt , love it , our existing chair that was in the family room is really on its last legs , so I tried this one in its place yesterday , and I love the height of the back for this side of the room , and it is a much smaller size so it gives a greater sense of space.
I moved the shabby one to the front living room because it needs comfy seating as the kids love to watch TV in there daily, I will soon pick up a cheap white denim slip cover from Ikea for a mere $39.00 to get us by until we can save up for it replacement which is a lovely Lee Industries chair that is the fabric equivalent to the yellow wicker one, which I intend to paint black , I think , or maybe the fabric one will be slipcovered in a yellow ? perhaps?

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