Sunday, August 3, 2008

A little this a little that

Here is how the frames turned out they look so sweet filled with family photos in black and white, these are just simple at home printed out copies , how easy , the tough part was choosing which ones to use.The swan always remains on this cupboard it was given to us by an old neighbour it looks very beachy to me , I have got to do something with that "coral" not liking the pink.
Mason always complains I don't show her room , that is because normally it is a full blown disaster , but since I recently cleaned it and the new window treatment were put up etc etc she has been keeping it wonderfully tidy , she uses the top bunk as her hang out , the safety rail has been taken off but her friends were just causing it damage and they are old enough not to fall most times , so much easier to make the bed now. Won't that bed look lovely white.
I picked up this adorable clock at Homesense and decided it wasn't something I needed , than Mason saw it and had to have it , for her green room , it is cute , she put it up herself , wow !, not bad , not bad. Kind of an odd spot , I may out it above the mirror or at least center the clock over the bunk , I will wait a bit for that . Oh and I tried to talk her out of hanging up that frog , but there was a hole and she just needed it there. No more ugly frogs, yuck , we are starting to get every old frog thing, I used to love bird houses then I got them all the time, it takes away from the specialness, now I hate them mostly.

This is how the sitting area turned out , I still think I should clad the fence with panels and mouldings , and paint it all white. Oh who am I kidding I am still not happy with it , it is off.

On the other hand while trying to solve my fence problem I found this wing plaque I love how it looks , such a beautiful piece , stuff to look at while you are waiting for someone to answer the door right.

And the "girls" bathroom company ready , the mirror is all finished painted trimmed out , all from scrap pieces left around from other projects , a major improvement from a sheet of glass.
Just need a great tap , funny new taps was on the top of my list when we moved in here but so many other details have some before them.

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