Friday, August 15, 2008

Pancakes and dreams

I love to make pancakes sometimes just regular pancakes , the add water or from scratch , I am not fussy , maybe apple or chocolate chip and certainly blueberry . When I was a child we would go out for a family breakfast at the Golden Griddle ,one thing I loved was that they had blueberry syrup, but they don't have it any more , so it occurred to me I could make the blueberry jam I had into blueberry syrup so easily, mix 2 parts jam to 1 part syrup, it was a wonderful new recipe I thought I would share. I was back to school shopping for my children and I found this big bag for moi, it will be perfect for toting around samples and contracts and let's see my usual :measuring tape , camera , paint chips, floor plans , you get it , I am so looking for to being a grown up again , and following my dreams.

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