Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here we go , ok I have been wanting a cute little crown since I saw a Nate Berkus house on Oprah last season , don't usually come across any of those,it a shocker! But I did find one , it was this gold leaf which didn't appeal to me at all , so I bought it and painted it . The funniest thing about this is that Sophie had a friend over when I decided to paint it in front of the tv, he friend said "what is your mom doing? " with a confused look on her face, as I had a drop cloth and paints all over the coffee table , Sophie said "she is watching tv, come on"
With this greyish putty paint I had around and some brownish grey I dry brushed it ,
Now it is the crowning glory for my living room , this just goes to show you when you see something and the only thing wrong is the colour you can most likely change it .

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