Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Re-thinking leads to re-designing.

Looky here I have a new blue coffee table, I have been admiring a blue round table at Homesense, it is $149.00 what a bargain , but I have a round coffee table so I couldn't buy it , right? that would be wrong , perhaps I could sell my existing one and buy the new one, no that is just silly, after all I already have a surplus with one extra coffee table taking up space in the basement. The other table did have quite a nice detail in the leg , it is hard to describe so I won't even try .
This Ikea table is my table , it was our kitchen table from about 7 years ago then like many other unused things it ended up in the basement , until I though it would make a great outdoor coffee table and it did , then when we put in the dark floors it came in was painted cream and was waiting for me to make a slip cover for it to become a big round ottoman like the photo of the blue velvet one, well that never happened , but after seeing the photos of the last post I was inspired to go ahead and paint it blue , I have enough shades just laying around so why not? I was very much in love with those colorful spaces.

Since this is a child friendly house , and because I like it , I distressed the table ,you can see the wood , the white the cream , I love that.

This is a bit of a backwards post sorry for that , but this is my top coat of choice , a couple of coats of clear wax, stinks up a storm but I really like it , three coats of this miss tint cheap paint , this was one of those free makeovers.

Here is the before , it was needing a new coat of cream at least , I am so pleased I tried the blue it looks so fresh and happy, I wish it was so easy to give my settee a fresh look, but I do believe I found a lady who will create slipcover magic for me ,I just have to decide on a fabric that doesn't cost the earth.

So if you need a new coffee table start looking at dining tables it is not hard to cut down the legs, also because I do find that many coffee tables out there are simply too small , they seem to be made for condos, there is nothing worse than not enough coffee table, it should be at least big enough for a large pizza and all the fixings . So go one take a look at your coffee table or lack there of , its time to think outside the box and have an open mind.

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