Monday, August 4, 2008


We had a quick visit from Todd's mom and her sister Aunt Geri and Joan AKA Grandma , Joan suggested that we visit the local Parkwood Estate here is Oshawa , one of the world's earliest auto makers who started Buick , I believe , we took a tour of the home that her shared with his wife and five daughters in the early 1900.
This was R.S. McLaughlin private Italian Garden right off of his office library.
I love these lattice walls.

It was McLaughlin day , so they had many antique cars out for viewing. Mason and Aunt Geri.
This is the front of the house, which was so beautiful all the wood work ,paintings secret passage ways and details I have never seen so amazing in person before , they only offered a ground floor tour today , no photos , so we will be going back for the upstairs tour at a later date.
This house was equipped with central vac , can you imagine, 6 phone lines , a barber shop , gentle men's sleeping quarters for suitor's , an indoor pool, bowling alley , racquetball court, it just goes on and on , a secret stairway in the panelling that lead to the children's room, and elevator two kitchens. It is a true gem in the center of the city , I attended Adelaide Public school named after the lady of the house, lived here most of my life and not until today did I ever get to see or learn of this family , oh what I have been missing.
Today is this car's 100th birthday .
Those steps lead to the garden sun room which was equipped with air conditioning which was well hidden in the arches and fretwork .
If I had know what beauty hid behind the lush trees and walls of this estate I would have had my wedding here for sure, recently Amelia Earhart "Amelia" was filmed her with Richard Gere and Hilary Swank.
I hope you enjoy my little tour I wish I could have shown you more.

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