Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After the painting marathon

I thought I should show my after after , to remind you it was sort of a dull green khaki colour, which I was finding rather drab , so on a whim I tried a very rich blue , hated it , then went for a soft yellow beige as it looks to me . Antarctic Ice by Glidden .
It is cheery soft and light just how I had wanted it to be , I decided to go with the arrangement on the wall that was working , I did paint the mirror black and add a small textured black star, I do like it now , it was just the drab colour that I didn't like . I need to make some new pillows and I am sure it will make me happy for a long time to come. Click on the photo for a close up look if you like.
I just need to get started on the ceiling work that has yet to begin , first week of school I will tackle that . The added texture will raise the room to a whole new level I am sure of that .

Here is the before , drab walls , white coffee table , it was fine but needed some new life a little tweak or face lift.

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