Monday, August 18, 2008

Kitchen family room makeover

The table will have to light again , it never ens , I don't know where I get my energy , your guess is as good as mine.
The sun has moved away from the room and the blue intensifies, I am going crazy with this wall behind the settee , I am never happy with it , I like the black , I took away the other items from that wall, now I am thinking a whole series of small circle only mirrors all around the round mirror that is up there now , what a fun mirror.
I was very inspired by the recent post I did about the rate my space rooms , I have been wanting some more life in this room , it was feeling drab and uninspiring , well I got it , this colour has energy and everyone likes it here , it is a very happy colour. Tempered with all the white woodwork and built ins I think it works well for such a room.

I moved things around and found new ways to use accessories like the huge star , and the corbels , I am thinking that I may not be done with that area , I am thinking of filling the space with little square and round beveled mirrors with black frames in a pattern.
I am eager to get the ceiling finished with the beadboard and painting it a nice glossy white.
I do believe I have made a decision with the settee makeover it will be either a beige linen , or unbleached natural cotton.

SO what do you think did I finally lose my mind or did I get my happy kitchen family room? Be kind.

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