Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little freshening is required at times.

On Friday afternoon I took the girls to Ikea , with many complaints from both , but I know they love it there , its fun they try everything out, we eat meatballs , Mason this time talked about the things she would have for her first apartment , she's 10...what is she thinking about this for , yikes, anyway , we had fun , and the main reason for going was to get a new slipcover for our old Ikea Ektorp arm chair, this is its third cover , first white textured , then this beige corduroy, which was worn so badly the cords were gone, so that one lasted 5 years , not bad, the new one is white denim , $39.00 how can they do that , I should buy a few shouldn't I , the other fabrics are much more up to $150.00 for the same chair. I would love to be one of the people choosing the fabrics there aren't enough appealing ones for my liking , who chooses this stuff.
While I was there I picked up these stainless steel bar handles , anywhere else they would be $15 a pieces at Ikea they were two for $12 , they are hollow but that is the look for less , and they are great , they tie into the stainless appliances , as well the original location of the handles was the lowest hole and I never bent down to reach , these function much better, after a fresh coat of paint the old island I built is looking like new and refreshed.

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