Monday, August 11, 2008

A look into my past

I would like to introduce you to our first house , lets see we bought this house about 10 years ago now, just over 1200 sq ft for a mere $159,000.00 we picked this corner lot , and they surprised us with a wrap around porch , and the lovely covered portico over the door, we had a large metal star hanging there, these changes were not on the plan, this was a one and only , I recently drove by , which is hard to do seeing as it is over an hour away ,but I was in the neighbourhood, and there it was just as I left it , completely , I built those shutters painted all the trim that color , as it had all been white, they even are still using a wooden slatted door mat I had made. The picket fence I designed is still there , such a cute house , good memories, we had both our babies there , nearly gave birth to Sophie in the living room in fact.
It was fun to walk down memory lane, I hope who ever lives there loves it as much as we did, I imagine all the things I would have loved to do to that home , adding character , wood floors ,I hope somebody has, I was hoping that the owner would see me and ask what I was doing and invite us in , no luck , but it is always fun to look. I can not get over how big that tree is , it was just a wee thing when we lived there.
You can never go home again ! I am just so pleased to see this house so well taken care of and truly just like I left it.

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