Monday, August 18, 2008

Admitting defeat

I know when something is not right , for me, there are things I love but can not live with or in apparently this new blue is one of them, I can't do it , I was impulsive my husband said yes and I thought yes too.

It has thrown everything off , it is too strong , too blue , I HATE it ! , the roman's don't go , nor the curtains , the island looks off , everything would need to change to work with the blue, what was I thinking , most of you like it or were very nice with your comments. Thank you , but it is going to go. Mason was so upset , not for the colour to change but to see me have to re-do it after yesterdays blitz, isn't that nice of her.

So here is a collection of rooms that I love that appeal to me , I would go all white creamy white but my husband is very opposed to this , so I move on , but I do believe I found a nice neutral beige, it will show off the white wood work and everything else will stay as is and as I love it .

I will go light with the settee it will look this cute and be washable.

All great peaceful light rooms. From now on I will admire the bold colour and not try to emulate.

I love this room the walls are exactly what I am going for, the room is a bit too stuffy tailored for me , I would say that is a kid-free home, but gorgeous.

Phew it is out , I will wait for the kids to be in school and do a painting /work day , got to get this portfolio in order.

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