Saturday, August 16, 2008


My husband has quite a few tattoo's , he designs them and I like them very much , but this is by far my favourite, as it is our girls drawn as angels , isn't it sweet they are in an embrace , just like they always are , right? sure that's how this is , it is sweet and they were thrilled to see themselves forever in ink. At the bottom did see the little bunnies, its sooo groovy. It is yucky right now I had to cut off the plastic which was bloody but just a little, I actually decided to take the girls down to see it going on , but they wouldn't let us past the front reception, for all of you wondering what I was thinking , tattoo shops have changed , it was squeaky clean , smelled of cleaner and looked a lot like a medical clinic , compared to the tattoo shops I have been in , and yes I have one , just one a little sheriff's star , cuz I am the sheriff in this town. So they didn't get to see a tattoo in action , ah probably didn't miss anything, Mason has already decided tattoos aren't for her , too much pain , which is any , she wants to adopt as well , just to prevent the pain of childbirth. Do you have any tattoo's , your husband , do you secretly want one, secretly have some???
When we talked about having children and had those two girls I told Todd he was going to have to get tattoos , so that he could appear tough and scary to intimidate any boys coming to date our girls, he is well on his way now.

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