Thursday, June 12, 2008

White painted floors

I am crazy about this sky blue runner , I wish I could do this . I wouldn't have the nerve.
Although I do want to give my stairs a white and black makeover .
I know my husband will baulk about the change, he gets very comfortable with the way things are , but if I said yes to buying a new house we would move tomorrow go figure, not gonna happen , we are staying put because I can not bear the thought of moving , yuck , I hate moving, all the work the mess I would rather renovate more and more rather than move.
Mason Sophie and I are very attached to this home it feels like HOME , finally , I have been with my husband for 16 years and this is the first place that fits , the poor guy is usually away at work , as most husbands are commuting to the big city around here, the husband's and some mother's too of course , but there seems to be a parade of commute worn husband's coming home each week day , most women do work here very few are SAHM, lots do double duty by like me doing childcare allowing them to work at home .
Where did all that come from ?, really it is fine , when my kids were little I was desperate for some help with the kids , thankfully it is so much easier now , so to all you worn out mommies it gets easier , oh so much easier , which is why I am able to do all of the projects I do , I get asked so often how do you have time to do that, well as kids get older you get some of your time back, they can entertain themselves and the worry of constant dangers lessens along with the growing children.

I love this look of white painted floors, my daughter has asked for white floors, I will do this at some point .
White floors would be great for my room too .

Would you dare to paint your floors white or perhaps a wonderful shiney color.....

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