Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wouldn't you love to spend time with family at a place this beautiful?
I know everyone love's this room the whole set , it is perfection, many houses have since been modeled after its great design, I don't want to replicate this house but I suppose if I had endless amounts of money and a devine lot to build on I surely would consider making a clear copy of this house. I have decided after 5 years I need to start a makeover on my stairs which are soft greys , they need to be white a black or deep grey we will see, I can't wait to see it all freshly painted in white, so classic , not looking forward to doing the painting though.
I wish I had a cottage to escape to on the weekends , that would be a dream come true, I think mine and my husbands is the only family I know without a family cottage , how did that happen.
I still need to complete the dark brown paint job to my bedroom , I have just been ignoring the fact that that is in flux....boy I am draggin my feet a lot on these many projects I have on the go , can you blame me , who wants to paint.
This would be what my cottage looks like, over looking some water , modest and comfortable with classic details. http://www.whosedesign.ca/ this is a great show that pits a designer host against a homeowner that believes they are great at design , usually they are wrong but in this case the Robin's room the homeowner was far nicer that the designers, although his was nice too , I loved Robin's take.
Here are my stairs when the walls were blue , but now that the walls match it all blends away , won't that look amazing in white and black ?

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