Sunday, June 15, 2008

We just arrived back from a relaxing weekend spent in the country with Todd's cousin Jay and wife Sarah , they recently made the move out to a large piece of land 19 acres, what a difference from suburbia, they have woods and hills and a creek, won't it be wonderful for their two kids to grow up there, no peering eyes, I have never experienced such privacy. They found this beautiful existing house just waiting for them , I love those stone walls. it is a house full of character , I should have taken more pictures, loads of big windows , beautiful trim, wood floors and two generous kids rooms upstairs with ton's of windows and dormers , I love dormers.
Look at the view from their back deck, the river sits below those distant trees, perfect cottage acreage.
Jay took Todd and the kids for wagon rides. Todd got to ride the ATV in the brush, I don't think he as ever had so much fun. Sarah took me for a ride as well, I was happy to be a passenger.
Look here a snake skin, hmmm, ok that might be hard to get used to . There were the cutest little chipmunks that would pop up out of no where , so cute.
This is Alyssa , she is so sweet , right on the cusp of walking much to her parents dismay, Sarah will be busier than ever soon enough.
Oh life in the country is a beautiful thing , really I even got used to the bats swooping over head , that is a big deal for me since all my life I have been paranoid of these little harmless creatures , not sure why , oh and fireflies aren't those bugs special , Sophie even caught one, I did that when I was her age.

I wish I had taken more photos , I missed getting a piture of their adorable 3 year old Luke, he is so cute with his deep brown eyes and red hair , he was enjoying playing with the big girls and spraying them with the sprinkler hose.

What a nice place to relax wouldn't it be nice to have a family place to get away .

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