Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'd like to declare the kitchen done!

The whole is no more, I still need to touch up when things are completely dry but this is it, I was quoted $400.00 for an actual bland cupboard for this space above the fridge, a lot steep for a run of the mill cupboard , so I built this for $23.00 the pine shelving and trim cost that , the beadboard and other bits of trim I had lying around . Gosh I am good at saving dough. Before here
This is the basic box, I added 1/2" x 1" pine strapping around the edges, it adds stability to the box and weight to the look.
Nailed beadboard right on to the back.
More basic trim top and bottom.
Painted it and now I have the open display shelving I have always wanted.
I really say the kitchen updates are done, the island was built , the bulkhead upgraded with beadboard and crown moulding, cupboards painted , the sink and faucet installed , all new hardware, stools painted, lighting over island increased to two hanging pendants, the range hood, dishwasher panel, chalkboard, computer desk built in , new bamboo shades, new appliances, it is done. Ok it needs a fresh coat of paint , but all the hard little odd projects are complete.
I feel so relieved , five years of off and on projects have lead to my satisfaction , I love my kitchen, I wish I had a good before picture to show , it was ugly , brand new but ugly.

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