Monday, June 23, 2008

What a weekend

My big girl is almost 10, wow how time flies, as all mother's know, I remember having her like it was yesterday .
I found quite a photo shoot on my camera after the sleepover was through.
The girls helped themselves to my makeup they were pretending Mason was a pop star and needed her make up done , of course.
This was this morning , I am having trouble with my camera settings, I gave the girls some new fresh hi-lights for summer and their birthdays.
I didn't ever get around to showing my other mother's day gift from my family , I saw it at Pier 1 and they picked it up for me, it is felt circles sew through the middles , in my favorite color.

This was quite a weird weekend , busy and challenging because I was burdened with my first migraine , which started the day I made all those cupcakes on Wednesday and it finally stopped last night, I though it was just a really stubborn headache or some kind of sickness but I was nauseous and weak and shakey, I had every symptom on the list , coupled with allergies and itchy inner ear driving me insane , I was not very productive, I hate not feeling myself , I just felt trapped in a crappy state , I am thankfully feeling much better today . I don't know how people deal with this on a regular basis I think it was mostly caused by the awful stormy weather we have been having.
Back to myself , now I can deal with the world and this week , the last week of school I am looking forward to a little more sleeping on a daily basis and some days off here and there to enjoy with my girls and maybe even my husband too, if I can convince him to take a day off here and there, he is hard working man who takes wonderful care of this little family of ours , he has been helping out in the mornings with the girls , it has been such a treat to have the help and have him around in the mornings, I really needed it .

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