Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Destiny and Inspiration.

Recently you may know I purchased my dream appliances , ok not total dream that would mean a sud zero fridge but not for this house, nor really ever I am sure, I hate wasting money on over indulgences , I am a very practical and savvy spender,I love me a bargain , anyway enough about that .

So I had this old micro wave above that worked fine , and looked ok , so I was not going to replace it for vanity sake, but the dang thing broke, so I found a nice cheap stainless one, too bad too , I really was gonna keep the old one , isn't this one one so much prettier , all my appliances match , well not the dishwasher but I like that to blend away especially because it is right next to the stove , it would be off balance to have two stainless there. Down side to microwaves is they are not built to last , the warranty for this one is 18 months , pathetic.
Note* if you currently have an old microwave over 6-7 years please consider buying a new one , they are typically affordable and the older models can leak the micro waves potentially causing harm and always step back from the machine when in use, if you bought your micro wave in the 90's throw it out chances are you shouldn't be using it at all.
This is my railing courtesy of a neighbour , some pieces are rotten , but I have so much to work with , I will save soooo much money using this and it will match the front of the house .
Katie did

This is a photo from Katie Did , when I saw this I knew I could mimic this with the railing I now have , I will build up the posts and make them beefy and trimmed , and I will cut down short the spindles as these are here, its perfect, I wanted railings but never though to make them this short , well why not , thank you Katie , you saved my deck from potentially looking like a caged in area. Couldn't any house use a back porch /deck like this .

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