Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Wedding

There is my mother in her beautiful wedding gown, she was so beautiful , doesn't she look so happy , well she was and the day was wonderful and hot not a drop of rain in sight, it was at a beautiful location and everyone had a lovely time.

My wee Sophie all dressed up , she looked like a wedding cake with all those tiers.

The yummy meal , the perfect outdoor meal.

That was my siblings table.

Mason reluctantly posing for the camera , and hiding from the photographer , she somehow skipped out of the family portrait , didn't know that till this morning , apparently behind the huge tree she hid.
Faith my sister Heidi's daughter.

Heidi after I put her to work attaching flowers to the cake, thank you Heidi.
The cake , three layers of carrot cake , when I brought it outside to cut it there was a constant line up , I was so glad to see it being eaten , the reviews were great too , moist and yummy, yeah , I didn't goof it , it was 41 with the humidity , what would that be 90 degrees probably,so the fact that it stood up is a miracle.
This was my view up from my seat at dinner I love magnolia trees more than any other , the perfect canopy.
We reused the hot pink lanterns and my mom got loads more , they were so festive.

These are the hundreds of gum paste flowers , probably 400.

Getting started.
The bouquet, the location was supposed to provide the bouquets but when I saw them I couldn't bear the thought of my mother walking with what I saw ,small skimpy bouquets , with no personality , so I took care of it , this was hers, mine was more bold pinks. The lady who did the original flowers confronted me about them , I didn't want to make her feel badly so I told her I made them as a surprise , but she knew it was due to disappointment of hers. Sorry but I wanted my mother to have a bouquet as special as she , bright happy fun and bold. So there.

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