Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I never learn my lesson

Look I found enormous boxes for my many many cupcakes, they are all done the cake is complete , I am so tired, that took 15 hours , poor husband was wrangled to make these little tags that I glued them onto skewers to add some flair, while watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 , see things could be much much more eventful.
I am retiring from baking for anything other than my kids and just pure fun. All done off to bed.zzzzzzzzzzz.......
I am back at it again but it is a paying job this time, so I suppose I did learn something. I am baking for 2008 graduation grade 8 and senior kindergarten, 200 cupcakes and a slab cake too, I forget just how much work is involved, I started at 8:00am and it is now 7:00 pm and I have finished the last of the baking, I now need to frost everything and make them look pretty as well try to figure out how to transfer them to the school, I could do the foil trays I suppose , but I don't like that so much.
It has taken 10 boxes of mix, 30 eggs 2 pounds of butter , lots of oil , confectioners sugar hundreds of cupcake papers and much sweat , this kitchen is warn today .
My review of my new oven is in , it rocks , really it is a pleasure to use.

Here is last years batch , this years will be much cuter.

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