Friday, June 20, 2008

Baking info

I would like to share my recipe for this frosting I make so much , it is simple, 1 pound of softened butter unsalted and I mix it well and add confectioners sugar or icing sugar powered sugar I suppose as well what ever you want to call it , I just keep adding until it is the right consistency ,feel free to add a tbsp of vanilla for flavour, it is just a trial and error thing, if it is going to be hot you can do half butter and half veg shortening, the white kind, then add the color you want , paste color is best a little goes a long way , to get the darker blue it takes a lot , I scoop it out with a knife, never double dip the coloring, add a little at a time as you can not make it lighter if you go darker than you had wanted.
Above is a picture of a second layer of frosting very imperfect.
This shows nicely how the dots clean up the edges.
I used this gum paste mix to make the flowers you just mix in a little bit of color and kneed until thoroughly mixed to the color you desire. Roll it out with confectioners sugar and cut out any shape you like , let dry. The tools can help you add texture , the kit comes with directions , its like playdough. I have been asked to share my knowledge of frosting or icing piping , how do I get those nice big swirls , well it is as easy as can be , you just need the right tools as for any job. They are very affordable and I am sure easy enough to find. I find mine at Michael's Craft store.

These swirls were made by using tip 845 above and below.

As you can see there are a few different sizes of bags and tips, up until recently I have always used the 10 in bags and small tips, I not too long ago decided to try the bigger size 16 , I was tired of constantly refilling the little bag after a couple of cupcakes as I usually make large batches for big groups. The 16 inch bag is the best ever, I love it , I have tips 845, 802 , 1M, and 4B for the big size and big effect. They also make disposable bogs for easy clean up.

I use off set spatulas for hand icing cupcakes , pile the icing on and flatten the top and angle the sides to create a clean look , as well I use only these for icing cakes, 1 great tip for cakes is to let cakes cool then refrigerate for at LEAST 4-6 hours, then apply a thing layer of icing just to smooth in all the crumbs, put back in fridge and keep adding layers of icing until you get a smooth uniform finish , you can cut the humps off of cake tops to get flat surfaces , and use icing to built up any areas. Now if you have tried to ice a cake without this information you will know it is near impossible, and you may now think baking is a pain and might even hate doing it , but let me tell you it is easy , as long as you know a few of these tips.

Look at the size difference , it is quite a difference.

The tip for the above style is 4B.

The above look is created with 802 , that tip is also good for making larger sized dots.
Big tip number 2 is that when making cakes it is better to have two layers , always trace out your pan shape onto PARCHMENT paper then after you butter your pan , with butter , add the parchment to the bottom then re butter , never forget to add some flour and coat the pan , then go ahead and add the batter, you will have a cake that will simple pop out of the pan after being cooled by tapping upside down, remove parchment then begin the icing process , yes it is a long process but not hard and you will get great results.
Tip 3 is just prior to icing place 2-3 inch wide strips of parchment just under the edges of the cake so that this can catch any messes and after the cake all iced is well chilled you can remove those pieces of parchment and add the dot detail to bridge the gaps or imperfections between the cake and tray.
I hope to see some pictures linked in my comments to show me that at least some of you out there have tried my tips.
HAPPY BAKING trust me you will be a big hit with your family and friends.

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