Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What would you do if you found yourself with some leftover spindles, I picked up the white ones for $5.00 , well priced I thought , for that gap under the counter , why does it over hang there , it stands out now because of the stainless , I was thinking I could attach a spindle right into that spot paint it white and call it a day , the leftover ones will fit perfectly , for the shorter ones I was thinking into the inside corner of the uppers those gaps are fine for adding some detail , I will try it and see how it feels.
I admit I do not spend enough time on being a girl my hair color is over due by two weeks and my nails always look a mess , I just pretend not to see the chipping polish , but I decided to have a little fun did some polka dots all my myself, don't know what possessed me?

I am losing two of my daycare kids that I have had since we moved here, 4 years I have had this one girl from 18 months to first grade in the fall ,I have seen her start as a shy timid little toddler who now can stand up for herself and has grown confident, they are like my second kids, usually here 5 days a week that a lot of time learning , bonding , this home is as much theirs as my kids , they have probably spent more time here than my own kids , wow ,they will move away to start a new life with their mom ,it will seem strange not to see their little faces Monday through Friday , its a real turning point , I find myself feeling sad and distracted , trying to make this little time as fun as possible they are nice little girls and I take credit for a great deal of that , mother hen I am ...

This was a timely surprise , right in the thick or warm weather and grass pollen season , my central air froze up , water all over the furnace what a fright , not cheap either but it is singing now, the repair guy was out so quickly , I wish the fridge dude was as fast. This is a view from the top of the unit in case you are wondering.

One more day of school , the teachers gifts are all given and the kids are excited to say good bye to the school for a while anyway , the school years go by so quickly don't they.

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