Monday, June 30, 2008

Bathroom makeover nearing completion

Here is the before :

It was pink and little girly.

This is the before of the mirror , just regular unframed mirror.
I have finished the glass wall on the opposite wall of the other tile wall, that was quite a long process, I just kind of ignored its unfinished condition , when I did go to get it done the tile color had been altered , but I did find the matching tiles eventually, and it is now done and is so pretty and nice to touch.
I decided to add a nice heavy frame with MDF we found while cleaning out the garage , I just need to paint it .

However I will still need to paint a little bit of pink hiding between the door frame and bathtub tiles ,and touch up any flaws.

It has turned out really well, it is a higher end bathroom finish but with a cottagey feel , it would use a new faucet now . Icing on the cake.

So what did I do ,
-took out old trim and replaced with thicker pretty trim and baseboards
-applied tile to opposing walls
-installed junction box which was non existent due to ugly make up strip lighting that was there
-installed Restoration Hardware light that was a gift from MIL at our old house which we brought here, it is so pretty
-painted cupboards
-changed knobs
-cut large hole in the wall to build a recessed storage area
-painted walls
-built frame for mirror
-moved plug outlet out to re install over the tile
I think that is it , I took my time learned a lot about tiling , not as hard as it used to be ,did a bit here and there and now it is a lovely bathroom that I would be happy to have any guest in my home use , young or old.

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