Friday, June 13, 2008

Does this look like a million dollar dog . well he nearly is , he has a sweet sweet side, and he has a crazy side followed by a destructive side and a plain old bad side. His front and back side are causing the trouble these days . We had Moe fixed less than a month ago besides the expense he did fine and recovered quickly but started to have problems with his bowels which lead to throwing up troubles , the other night he actually vomited all over me , thankfully I had a blanket on which caught it . Off to the vet we went $153.00 for special food and two meds, the vet thinks maybe the surgery set off gut troubles, what nice perk on getting him fixed. The problem is this dog eats everything and anything , why oh why did we think it would be a good idea to get a second dog ,ggrrrrrr!

Before post
After I added some mouldings , ok its not the exact same one but you see what I have done , I have always wanted to add more trim outside, I know shocking.
Look what I woke up to , snow , in my new fridge ,I am pissed , this is my new costly fridge , why me , really why can't it just work right , I am on hold right now in fact , the freezer was 17 degrees this morning , who told it to do that ?????? this will be the second time for a repair visit , they tried warming up the seal because it was gaping , did nothing, I am feeling cursed right now , might even curse curse if this thing doesn't get fixed this time, ahhhh!

this is the newest turn of events sounds like a deisel truck, the repair guy is coming on Wednesday at the earliest, but if they get a cancellation I am first in line. I suppose I will let the repair it , but if anything else goes wrong it is going back.

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