Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guess who refused to bake any more cupcakes, ME! I even drove 50 minutes into Toronto to go to this nut free cupcake shop , The Cupcake Shoppe it is Mason's birthday party today just three friends staying over , I love how birthdays are becoming more low key , Mason is June 27th and Sophie June 26th , so for the first 4 years they shared the party then again last year they shared , but this year just small parties a week apart , no family just their little friends , just the way they want it .

The green ones for Mason's birthday party are call "I'm special", the brown icing one are "sleepless in toronto" , the pink icing , "pretty in pink" the caramel ones "sticky and sweet" , aren't they cute. We ordered Sophie 12 cupcakes for her birthday the rose design in hot pink, you must go check them out on the website , pricey but worth it .
I decided that my reward for making all those cupcakes for the school and the income that it brought in that I would finally get the new slipcover I needed , due to the stains my adorable dogs have put on the old one , as well the seams were all splitting and the zippers had been broken and held together with diaper pins.
I love it it goes so nicely with the dining room carpet ,as the two rooms open onto one another , it is colorful and cheery , the pattern will help hide the dog wear . Funny it feels like a new couch , all clean and fresh . I love it , it is happy.
Need to make some new pillows.

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