Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy busy , as usual

There are days like this that make my head spin , my life seems so busy , always full of things that need doing , but still not nearly everything gets done, I feel a burn out coming on, I start at 6:00am and go till I can go no more, after this weekend I will rest.
This was today , wake at 6:00 am because of dog, get kids breakfast, get kids ready for school , put out several early morning fights before driving one to school, rushing back to feed dog, gather funds for many school trips, one child arrives , other friend arrives with baby and 3 yr old , another couple of kids arrive , try to keep all the kids out of trouble, tend to baby , wow that's constant work , and he was a dream baby , put off all the other kids for baby's sake, not used to that , get baby to sleep , make lunch , deal with huge pee that went from bathroom all over carpet to dining room , crazy potty training , get two to nap , baby and 3 yr old go home , another child arrives , get kids up from nap , head off to school to pick up my kid, meet new mom who wants me to watch her two kids , she comes for unannounced visit , snack time , keep all the arguments manageable, kids go home , one of my kids goes out , scoop suspitious dog poop, Parasites?? take samples to vet for testing , go get grout to finish bath and take my other little lady to dinner out , go home to quickly bake cupcakes for school, run out to try score some railings my neighbour is throwing out missed her though, get my daughter from friends, realize I have a school meeting to attend , mom is coming over for a hair cut , come back from meeting to have major pow wow with other daycare neighbours,,,try to help total strangers find childcare due to a childcare shortage, make frosting from scratch , ice cupcakes , try gum paste for the first time , cut out as many as I can , POST ON BLOG ...... the grouting will wait till tomorrow , the end....oh wait there is still a ton a laundry to do, that will have to wait for another day , tomorrow is much less busy .
Whine over , I wanted to show this totally gorgeous caddy , I have wanted one since I saw one on Pottery Barn , but it was pricey at over $79.00 , yikes, then I found one at Michael's craft store for $50.00 and with my 40% off coupon a steal, but they never have them in stock, so I gave up , but found this one at Winner like TJMaxx for $29.00 , and even nicer than the Michael's one , I love it , the perfect organizational item.
Mason has been stealing my camera , I found all these self portraits of her , many are too fuzzy , I will have to explain the settings to her. Pretty girl , growing up so fast , too soon.
Look who is cooking , roasting actually , my new range is sublime, the settings are so clever, the convection cooks everything so much quicker, I love it , like these veggies 1 hour and 12 minutes , would have taken over two hours with my old oven .

This is my first batch of baked goods , with convection as well, these are for a bake sale to raise money for a class trips bus costs.
I needed to try baking in my new oven before baking my mother's wedding cake on Friday , everything is a go.

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