Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday madness complete

We took Sophie and 5 of her little friends to see Wall-E , really cute and a nice message as well.
I wish I had some pictures to show more than I have here , my camera was set with the flash off and I didn't figure out how to fix it until it was all over.I wish I could show you how all of Sophie's friends are a mix of culture's I am so proud of that , Todd and I were thrilled to see that our children are being raised in a melting pot of culture's where they can experience many different culture's and not just grow up thinking that everyone looks like them.
Oh and the little darling's didn't want my treasured cupcakes, what kid doesn't like cupcakes, Todd kept calling them muffins, crazy boy , one kid tried a cupcake, I don't like it ...argh! are you kidding , Sophie had fun , I felt stressed , timing the seating Todd kept that under control, keeping all the kids from breaking our eardrums, getting 9 popcorn packs to all the kids, Sophie isn't normally hyper but she was Friday night along with all her little friends which meant she was happy , it wasn't without spills , seat complaints (not by my kid) too many bathroom breaks , thankfully no more parties until next year.Sophie and Mason had nice little friend parties just like they asked for , they are happy and now both a year older , success !
And relax!

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