Saturday, September 1, 2007


So I have had now a complete year of backsliding, with diet and exercise, last summer I was in great shape, sadly but not surprisingly there is no photographic proof, due to a scale sending me into a tail spin, that said I was 126 when my inaccurate scale had lead me to believe I was 118 lbs,as well strep throat was part of my derailment, I have spent the last year, making periodic attempts to get myself back on track, and due to my lack of desire to cook at home and a staggering amount of eating out this past year, I have put on an amount of weight I will keep to myself.
I am taking a major step starting yesterday , a FAST ,the lemonade diet, drinking purely this one concoction throughout the day, 2tbsp of fresh lemon juice, 2 tbsp maple syrup ,a tiny bit of Cayenne and warm water, drink 6-10 glasses and voila, no hunger, enough nutrients to keep you going for many days........well its true so far , I have not eaten a stitch of food since Thursday around 7:00pm, and I feel good, not hungry, and have lost 3 POUNDS so far, so my plan is to commit to 5 days, 7 if I can handle it.This is to cleanse and detox my body in preparation for some healthy lifestyle changes to come. Thankfully Todd is on board with me, and is starting today , of course the gobs of pounds will start flying off him by this evening I am sure, its always faster for men. but being in the same boat will surely help.

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