Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloween decor

While I have this opportunity to possibly make an impact at this time regarding Halloween fun and food safety issues, obviously Halloween is a strongly chocolate based holiday , which poses a real threat to those allergic to milk, nut/peanuts, perhaps when choosing candy choose peanut free selections, and ask the question to children or parents trick or treating???? are you allergic?, children will not offer this information to strangers . Last year several local families asked at the door, I was thrilled, while asking is great for families like mine it also draws awareness to the issue and that is always a good thing. If you can not find peanut free perhaps a stash of non-food treats from the dollar store to offer as a safe alternative for those allergic to milk or peanuts, as carrying these allergens can often pose a threat of reaction.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

How I would love to deck out my front porch in the manner as pottery barn kids has, magical.
I have come up with a great idea I can make that web out of electrical tape , as long as it doesn't rain.Won't that be fun.

These are my little ghosts, I made them many years ago, they are simply a square of felt head stuffed with a bit of cotton , neck tied tight and two stitched on x eyes, super simple, some years I have hung them from clear thread but with my candelabra that has the perfect perches they now stay there every year.

I especially love these scull candles they are so goolish

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