Friday, August 31, 2007

I had to post this photo of this doll, the girls got a real kick out of, for some reason unknown to me she has breasts , really is this correct ...?why?I am no prude, but did the doll really need boobs.

My days during the week can be pretty full, I have lots of kids to take care of , over the summer mostly 6 to feed at lunch, at 12:00 my house is pretty much a disaster, as you can imagine, I can not stand filthy , so I have quite a list of to do's to keep things in check, the list is never complete, it waits till nap time but I surely could fill my days with cleaning if I had that luxury.Like the load of dishes, oops I started to vacuum yesterday while running the water, I caught it just in time,thankfully, because I didn't need another mess.

Because of the kids and the dogs, and my dark floors I need to dust the floors many times throughout the day, I was a swiffer chick, but recently went for the Bissel Flip ease mop/vacuum, it is cordless , and it can mop , but the solution leaks , which is very counter productive to dry vacuuming.It is very well used and now I feel better not throwing out swiffer cloths daily.I highly recommend it, ok , I can not flip it and mop, not the best design, but as a kitchen vacuum, or for wood floors it is fantastic, but I still shake my head at the amounts of dirt that can be found daily.

Unlike many teachers I am looking forward to the start of school, as it brings order and calm to my house, my 9 and 6 year olds should not be home all day together for such long periods of time. They need the structure and stimulation that only school can give. Don't misunderstand me, I love them I have given them every single day of their lives, I have not missed one day, I have worked at home to be here with them and to not miss anything, and I am happy that I made that decision, I can always look back on these years without regret, but at the ages they are now, we all need our time apart. Todd told me the other day when we shake our heads at how big they are, that our time with Mason is half over....wha? half over , oh my he is right , by 18 she will be going off to full fill her dreams.I can not even imagine letting them go off into the world.
So off I go on my day off,
1. clothes laundry*gonna have to wait till tomorrow
2. wash sofa slipcovers*done try and get slimmer for friends wedding*( done...3 miles on elliptical plus weights)
4. start fast*started
5. clean house*working on it
6.water plants*done
7. feed kids constantly throughout the day*they have been very self sufficient, thankfully
8.wipe many a tear*yep
9.give puppy medications, by jamming fingers down his throat*done
10. bring order to this summer house in prep for school*trying very hard
11. talk to Sophie's teacher about her allergies*done
12.clean up puppy pee???* just one so far
13. clean out playroom*put off for another day
14. weigh in.. most dreaded*did that , that was an eye opener
15. shop for special fasting beverage* done
16.return dress to Winners*done
17.Clean out under sink in master bedroom *done
18. drop off clothes to Goodwill*done
I know I am forgetting somethings...sound like a day off to you?

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