Friday, September 14, 2007

Finding new things to do.

Like this little window in this Design Inc photo .

As I was taking a photo of a project I have been hesitant to do, I saw a new view of my room,

I have always wanted to have a small window or opening, perhaps with a shutter ?? I think that area is crying for something architectural. I don't know how to do such a thing , but I figure poking a hole is a great start. A purchsed piece of mass produced art or salvage is not at all what I have in mind nothing superficial.

*this is an iterior wall on the other side is a washroom.

Although my photo shop example is very crude, imagine it with lovely mouldings, and perhaps a charming shutter that can open or close, depending on the privacy level the person inside the principal bathroom likes, it would flood sunlight through for much of the afternoon.

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