Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting set

I stopped by my local Michael's last night to see what Halloween treats I could find, I found these fun labels, what fun, I will find somewhere for those soon.As well I got my supplies to paint and glitter some phony pumpkins.

I also picked up these wire baskets from the Superstore this morning while on a shopping trip for bread to make into sandwiches since this morning I found myself without a lunch option for my girls. I have put my much loved Canadian House & Home magazines in them to which I always keep handy to refer to for fantastic ideas.

I have been playing today with a touch of free time, see this little table was given to me by my Father , which was given to him by my Mother in the divorce, it was blue and burgundy and it was the first thing I stripped , it was the table my baby Mason coloured at, ate from and talked on the phone to her Daddy so its a touch special to me, so I wanted to find somewhere for it , this is its third place , dining room no good, bedroom too cluttered, now I am trying it here, we'll see ...I think I need a couple of lidded baskets there for storage underneath.

I just wanted to show my dish cupboard ,it shows how I am a blue and green lover through and through, I love all of my dishes and glasses, the amber glasses where my Oma's and are very special to me , even though they might seem out of place they are not.

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