Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm it , I'm in..

Katrina at Little la la's tagged me , the game is to come up with a little unknown thing for each letter of your middle name, ok , mine's Lee like Katrina, so I will try to be origional.

L: is for laundry , I hate to do it, I put it off until I am in desperate need, and I NEVER clean my husbands laundry..he does his own....JEALOUS!

E: is for effort, anything I want done around the house as far as home improvements go , I will give all effort needed to get it done, climb a high ladder ruin my nails not a problem.

E: is for eventually it will all get done, all my dreams, the cleaning , the shopping, the next family vacation eventually it will get done, so I don't fret if things take some time to get done, there will surely be tomorrow, I have learned this as I get older, as a new mom I made so many lists and felt like such a failure if I couldn't get certain things done, I learned this was self imposed pressure.

Now I am to tag one person for each letter in my name, so I will try Linda at Restyled Home, Terri at Windlost and Aimee at my pink life....are you up for it girls?

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