Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh my aching back.

Not cute, funny the things you don't notice after a little while.

This is our new pet Mantis, he set up in my brackets right on the front steps and hasn't moved.

I decided to tackle some projects that have been dragging on , although I do find it easier to do big areas in sections, over time, better on budget and my body, it is such physical work, my knees are killing me. The trim that our house had was so skimpy we knew we , I , would always replace it with 6" trim, I had left two walls without for at least year if not longer, so this weekend I finished the main floor baseboards, as well as the lower portion of my big living room windows, as well a fresh coat of paint to all the recesses that will make 4 coats total, but it looks really good now.

this is the after.

The header above the door I had already tackled , I never REALLY liked it , so I ripped it apart and re-built it , now it is better, awkward though as it is shoved up against one wall, not the best thing to start with.

So one more big section for the main floor those high windows, at their highest point they are 13 feet high, fun huh?

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