Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here is a little before post, the condition of the stairs as we moved into the house, I have had several questions regarding my stairs, so this is the way they started, it was a big job but well worth the effort, I love my painted stairs, I pulled hundreds of staples filled many gouges, and they are now far from perfect but lovely just the same.
I have shown many photos of my kitchen , I have done lots of work on it over the years, the cupboards were really ugly oak, which I chose with the intention to paint.This is a photo after I had painted and glazed the cupboards, which left the room dark and dreary, now I love my kitchen white bright and tiled, just as I could've dreamed it up.
I thought it would be fun to show you how it started many years ago.

Years later I added the panelling which has given the stairs a built in feel as opposed to the floating there look that they had, I love old homes especially the stair cases.

I wanted to show a photo of my old home, where I installed a transom window, or did I ??
The door and pass through opening were not even so I luckily found this transom at an antique market and it fit perfectly over the door way , the glass was textured and I painted the section behind blue to give the authentic look of a window, it was sad to leave it behind, I hope the new owner likes it as well.

These were the stairs before the runner was installed, a good 6 months, I also love the clean bare look of that but it was a bit slippy, and it was hard at times to see where one step started and the other began from the upper floor, one close call for me on those bare stairs. Look at my baby , she wasn't even two in that photo, with her little bob, boy if I could have frozen her at that age....Sophie .

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