Friday, September 21, 2007


I thought I would throw in this lovely pot to pretty up my post...aren't they pretty , I should've just bought one.

The drawer is a warming drawer!

I despise my fridge, the freezer is too small, the fridge magically freezes things on the top shelf, and its butt ugly, the side is scratched , and I hate it.

My stove is fine it works, I love the glass top, I would never use another kind of surface, I am messy , but hubby is even more messy, I love the look of gas but don't like gas in reality , the cleaning the mess. as well I tiled my back splash with a lovely feature set right over the stove with imported handmade tiles, which I love but can not enjoy fully as my stove panel is normally high.

These are the appliances my kitchen deserves, this Jenn Air fridge is less expensive than many stainless ones it also has concealed water dispenser inside and auto ice maker, I want white, if it is stainless it will be so obtrusive in the room, as well they are always black, what's up with that?I think the white version will blend seamlessly with my cupboards, but I would like my feature to be a stainless stove with my tile work and custom hood it will be right in place, as it has smooth top and a short back panel.

Do you have your dream appliances.

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