Sunday, September 9, 2007

Date in Toronto

During the four hours of free time between the wedding and the reception we had the opportunity to walk down Queen Street, I really enjoy that , we don't do it often enough, it is not so much fun with the kids, they get tired walking I get paranoid when they touch things, so it was nice to have the time to go look at the shops, even found a new tattoo shop for my hubby. I have visited this lovely shop before, the ceiling is covered from front to back with chandeliers, even a small ship one that I would really love, but at $675.00 it is quite an investment piece. check website.

There was this silver street entertainer , I suppose he was an Elvis statue at times he really did look unreal.

This is the view into the city from the highway.
There are so many incredible buildings.
For all those Sarah Richardson fans, one of her staples for fabric.Designer fabrics, it really is an incredible source, you could spend days searching for the perfect fabric, and they will have it. , I should note they have a fantastic website they will send you fabric samples for free as long as you get them back within a time frame they give and they will ship fabric, so for those lacking great fabric sources this one is for everyone, check it out.
We got a bite to eat at one of my husbands usual stops that he frequents with his work buddies while in the city, five days a week.It was a great I had GREEN EGGS AND HAM, cute huh, spinach eggs, it was really good.

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