Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its been another busy weekend

6 cans of spray paint, 9 new pulls, 5 new handles, a couple of messy jobs put off for two or more years, finally complete , priceless.

I finally tackled the dining room chairs, after trying black then hand painting one white and not being happy, all it took was 4 cans of spray paint, two different shades of creamy whites and happiness, ok the basement is a disaster, from all the over spray but I will tackle that before the night is gone, well worth the mess, the chairs look near flawless, I love them , what was I waiting for?? Turns out a few simple changes and well a truck load of money and now I love my dining room, lets hope it wins me a place in the Canadian House and Home magazine contest.cross fingers...

This cabinet was handed down by my husbands mom a few years back , I had always thought it would look nice painted,so I did, I think it looks nice but the handles were so yucky, I finally found these cleaner lines bronze pulls and square knobs. I had sanded and distressed one door after it was painted but put off the messy task until yesterday , it was a huge mess but again worth the look. However we will reconfigure it to hold a 37" LCD screen tv when we save up for that of course.

Yesterday was my first class at COLLEGE , the first ever , I went straight to work as a nanny from high school, so I found time to take an auto cad class, it was fun, met some lovely women all with decor in common, the instructor asked us all to tell a bit about ourselves including what we would be doing normally on a Saturday morning. Me of course, I would be getting set for some big messy project and shopping at Home Depot. As you all know.
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, the weather is beautiful, I am off to run more errands, and spend time with my girls. Ta ta...

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