Thursday, September 6, 2007

An average example.

I have made the decision to not paint the window inset with the wall color, I thought it would break it up into a series of windows, not the desired effect, it feels more grand and makes more of a feature statement.I must point out just what finishing the bulk head with mouldings and painting ( we added beadboard and cornice)it all to match the cupboards maked the room feel taller, I mean they gave us basic boxes very uninspiring, we also added a moulding to the bottom , to eliviate the floating door look as seen here... boy would I love to get my hands on that blank slate.
Aside from the appliances and the room being flipped this is not unlike the kitchen we started out with ..

I would just like to show you what a difference colour makes as well as details,the niche would be better suited for a LCD screen , and would allow for a more open furniture arrangement, as the entertainment wall unit could be eliminated, a more current approach I think , just a suggestion.

Now since this is not for commercial use ,I believe it is legal for me to show these real estate photos of a house that is the same model as my own, it is the reverse, but I though I would post what the average house looks like around this area.

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