Thursday, June 26, 2008

Selba kitchens

I am always a big fan of a clean white kitchen with beautiful lines, I love this one , I would take it as is , it is sheer perfection.

I am shocked at how much I love this kitchen , so more modern than I would ever usually be drawn to , I love the doors , the dark floors , that fantastic back splash this is a lottery home .
I am not a fan of the bottom color it could be many other more inviting colors , but a pretty color.

I like the dark with the light.
This one is crazy amazing, look at those chairs , everything here, all a daring combination , what a brave designer , incredible.

This a local Toronto kitchen design and manufacturer, I have not heard of them until today , big fan.


Chris said...

I'm with you. I love every single one of these kitchens--especially the white ones! Sooo beautiful.

restyled home said...

Gorgeous-all of them- but I do like an imperfect room. I would never want a room that looks like it was designed with perfection in mind. Honestly, where do you place a kitschy accessory from Winners in one of those rooms? I leave such grandeur to the rich...I like my flea market finds too much!!

Personally, I think your kitchen has more character and speaks to who you are more than those show kitchens...

Hope you are enjoying the summer! Coming down this year??


Mrs. Limestone said...


Koekkener said...

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