Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another lamp slipcover

These flowers are still looking lovely, they were from last weeks photo shoot they look so pretty in my new blue jar, behind them is a jar of thistles in a jar that they left for me as well , Jessica saw how much I loved it , as well she left me a big bottle of liquid soap from France , which is just so kind.
Did I ever show you a close-up of my brackets holding up this beam , I sanded them lightly to expose the lovely rough texture I think it is so charming .

I felt badly that I hadn't produced any kind of home decor project this past week , with a house full of kids on summer break this doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to do "my" thing, but yesterday I started a new linen slipcover for my new modern lamp I picked up at Wal-mart , I did like the overall look but it was a cheap looking shade , and I love linen and I had linen here.

Here it is after I had sewn the seam with the rough cut edge, I then cut strips about and inch and a half wide long enough to make a nice binding for both top and bottom ,after ironing those and pining them onto the fabric while it is on the shade I sew it with the machine , two rows of stitching , then slip it on , voila.

Easy right!

I think it is a BIG improvement.

Happy weekend. Would you try this project , does it "seam" easy to you ?

I want to wish my husband's sister and her very soon to be husband the very best adventure in Mexico , they are going to get married there in a couple of days and we can't join them but we wish them the very best.
Have a safe trip ,
Lot's of love and best wishes


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Chris, that is so clever. I would never have thought of a slipcover. The linen looks fabulous. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

Sue at Beach Bungalow said...


Kim said...

definitely does not look like it came from walmart...very designer chic!!

Becky said...

I can't believe you got that lamp at walmart, the shade is great.

HRH Sarah said...

Great idea, and I'm sitting here trying to talk myself out of buying that lamp, so I can slipcover the shade!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Beautiful. Simple and elegant. Love the texture it adds to the glass.

The Painted Home said...

it's the perfect combo of rough , and sleek! love it! -denise

Colleen said...

...Thanks for the inspiration!...I have a lamp frame sitting beside me that is stripped and ready to go!...

designlove-cynthia said...

I've recovered a lampshade, but not with a slipcover....I love the corbel, now that's my style!

Enjoy your summer with your kids, and don't feel bad.