Saturday, July 31, 2010

A daybed in the making

There would have been nothing wrong with leaving this as it was for the one whole day but there is nothing like making something better .
This looks pretty crappy actually .

Ok this looks pretty crappy too , but I assure you it will look adorable .

Getting there ....

Here is a close-up of the end of the bed , I am so glad I figured I could work with what I have because the alternative is a $1500.00 PB Teen bed , which actually I can not even buy if I had the money because they don't ship across the border , this make-over cost a mere $65.00 , what a bargain .

It really is coming along smoothly , here it is after lots of v-groove actually only two large packages in fact , 4 smallish fence post finials to add the finishing touch , lots of primer and soon a couple of coats of warm white .
Tomorrow the finished bed , I am almost sure of it .

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