Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Hope everyone has a wonderful Canada , some are taking today off to stay home and relax some tomorrow to make a long weekend as it should be , and most of all Happy Birthday to my mother in law Joan , this is a big one social security here you come :)
Butcher block confessions. Ok I will give you my opinion on butcher block as counter top , I admit I love it , the look of it , but it was leaving me a little disappointed . Here are my complaints, it was feeling rough , if water was spilled and of course it was, often , it raised the wood grain , I had used many applications of mineral oil and it didn't seem to help . See I can not use linseed oil as it is commonly recommended , linseed oil is oil extracted from a nut , many people with nut allergies will react to linseed oil so obviously it was out , Ikea make a great butcher block sealer but it too contains linseed oil , what was I to do ?

Well a few weeks back I happened upon a can on Minwax indoor outdoor spar urethane , called HELMSMAN , it was labeled as a tough protector from sunlight , rain , moisture and temperature changes , all of which made it perfect protection for my outdoor deck table top , and it has proven to be very durable , no damage had been seen on my outdoor table , and we have had lots of rain , it sits on the table and no problems what so ever , amazing stuff.

I have heard Waterlox is great but I would have to order it and have it shipped , I am impatient , and this minwax Helmsman stuff is amazing , look at that water beading , it's a good thing .
I am happy to report it is smooth and has a grain texture free , I love it now , no more complaints here , bring on the water and the mustard and the kids , you won't here me buggin out anymore.

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