Monday, July 19, 2010

Cupcakes creations and Cherrybrook Kitchen

I found the perfect spot for my jadite cake stand well out of harms way , I just love it .
As most of you probably know my youngest daughter Sophie has a peanut allergy , this means that her body will start a series of events if she ingests any amount of peanut product , this is a reaction , many people are under the impression that there are mild - severe peanut allergies , actually there is NO way to make this determination , usually deaths occur when trace amounts are ingested , this makes it imperative to avoid the allergen , especially because NO ONE can tell how severe a reaction will be , sometimes it could be a rash , hives , sore itchy throat, fainting , airway closing , drop in blood pressure , or a combination of two or even all there is no way to predict this, that is why one must always be prepared for the worst reaction which is quickly life threatening or ending....ok I am done with my lesson , my final word would be NEVER take a food allergy lightly , especially peanut or tree nut .
Check this out Allergic Emergency Risk Evaluator , this may be eye opening for you and could save a life.

This brings me to Cherrybrook Kitchen , I have long known about this line of products but since it is an American co I was not able to try it , I was thrilled to see a box or two at Homesense , but I will admit I was hesitant to try this mix because not only is is peanut free , but wheat free , gluten free , egg free and dairy free , huh ! I wondered what WAS in it , and how would it taste.
Well it tastes great , especially fresh , I made these cupcakes and they were not unlike brownies in flavour , we were pleasantly surprised , I used cool whip for the topping but I would like to try them again with butter cream or chocolate frosting , yummy.

I also tried these new to me cupcake papers, do you notice anything different , they are sitting right on the cookie sheet , this allows you to make loads more than muffin pans do at once.

These are from from Sweden, super cute, I will have to try their recipe soon for scratch vanilla cupcakes. The other nice thing is that these paper peel off so easily which is great for little kids.

Don't they look great , well they were.

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