Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot off the presses

Hot off the ironing press that is , I finally got around to sewing the sink skirt I have been meaning to make , see I hate our pedestal sink it is not a cute vintage inspired number it is just plain ugly , I thought a skirt would help pretty it up , and it would provide a hiding spot for the ugly stuff like the plunger and toilet bowl scrubber .
What a breath of fresh air for our smallest and windowless room.

I simply used super sticky Velcro , it said it wasn't recommended for fabric , that do they know , I simply stitched it down after sticking it on , it worked so well.

I measured out the width I needed by measuring the sink with a piece of ribbon , I then pinned the ribbon to the ironing board and made sure I made folds to properly fit the width I would need.

Just a little fabric a little patient measuring and ironing and a little bit of Velcro and sewing , I needed three packages of 18" long Velcro I got that at Home Depot , and the skirt was 32" long .

Happy Weekend !

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