Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picnik your photos

As soon as the photo shoot was over Sophie insisted that we needed to fill this white bucket with flowers to dress up the entry , she was having a lot of fun with styling as well , she has always like to do that naturally , so this was all very inspiring.

Sophie hasn't lately let me take photos of her so it was appreciated when she sat still for me to take some yesterday .

In case you are wondering I use picnik to edit and add text to my photos it is a great site , its free and you can crop and edit and add techniques , it is a great place to play with your photos.
My fave effect if cross process and the 1960's .


How could I not come away from the photo shoot completely inspired to take some photos of my own , I am sorry that I can't show you the images that were so thoughtfully created but it is against the rules.

As soon as I know when the images will grace the pages of their magazines you will know too.
I used the hyacinth's here in the bedroom , they left them for me , they smell so good .
For now I hope you will enjoy my own images . I want to keep a few thing where they are now , like my dash and albert rug in my bedroom , I think its perfect there and the dogs seem to love it too.

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