Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ready or not

I have been very busy getting ready for this Thursday's magazine photo shoot , getting everything as spic and span as I can, I realized that we have the ugliest shower head ever and it drips so I am going to go out and get a new one tonight , it's a cheap and cheerful one by waterpik for $25.00 , our was white but a turning yellow white , yuck that just won't do . Would it be wrong to also get a new faucet for the sink....? I can teach myself how to install a faucet right .... but I don't want to ....we'll see.
This place is a real disaster , as I needed to finish the top cap of the wainscot and it has needed the most work , painting and painting , sanding and sanding , just a little touch up to do on the walls here and there and a good scrub and it will be done ...would it be wrong to rope off a space that is finished .

I am looking forward to seeing how they style the shots.

I finally found a spot for this key holder I got from my family for my birthday months ago , it makes the perfect jewelry holder on this little angled wall.

Love it !
Cleaning this place would be much easier if there weren't so many children and pets here constantly messing things up , grrrr , tonight and tomorrow I will be cleaning all of the slipcovers and pillow covers , I am off to find some new sheets and a new shower head .

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