Monday, July 12, 2010

Cease and Desist

I have never been concerned about people copying my photos , I sometimes put {just beachy} on my photos but not always , I still am not too concerned , now that may change if I found out that someone was using my images as their own , that would be wrong and creepy and I would put a stop to that .
I am a rule follower , really a rule follower , I drive the speed limit {mostly to the posted speed it makes my husband crazy} , I don't steal , I don't buy pirated DVD's , I don't try to get something for nothing , I try to to keep myself honest and I think it important to be a good role model and I think it is very important to have morals , so I would never post a photo on my blog and pretend that it is mine nor take credit for a photo , I have posted photos of lovely interiors that I covet and share with you in a praising way , I don't think I am a mean opportunistic blogger . Now I have not always been this honest , there were a few seedy years in my teens which is probably why I am such a rule follower now.

So I was shocked to hear that a post I had written including two photos of a beautiful cottagey home would offend the owner of the photos , I most likely found the photos in one of my many Internet journey's , not knowing where the photo's did come from I may have not asked {permission} or given proper credit , I would have certainly rectified the situation if I had been approached or made aware of my mistake . Sadly I was not emailed nor did I receive a comment from a post way back from Feb. 2009 , but I did get an email from blogger letting me know they had received a cease and desist order for removal of said content , oh my, at first I thought it was a junk email , but it turns out it was the real deal .

It had nothing to do with blogger but a complainant , of whom I am not aware of . As soon as I was made aware that it needed to be removed I deleted the post, no problem , I would never do something in spite , but I was offended that this person or person's did not just email me and let me know , I am a reasonable woman ....

So to my fellow bloggers don't be surprised if this happens to you , don't panic , its not that big a deal.

Happy blogging , oh and I love blogger , I am not going anywhere .... sorry for the hassle.

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